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Life is not just about your job and a set routine. We need to remember to live a little… 

   Do you ever get in a funk when you’re set in a routine? I love working, and contributing to society, don’t get me wrong, however when I tend to get so lost in my work life, I often forget what is most important, my real life. 

   We are so programmed to wake up and go to work, ensuring that we have enough money to make it through the month. It’s a cycle that is hard to break when you are so used to it. As much as I love working, I often forget to remind myself that life is not all about paying bills and making money. What good is working everyday, when you don’t get to do the things you so badly want to do? Typically after a long week I am so drained that I miss out on a lot of opportunities. We are not supposed to devote our hard earned money just to pay the car payment or rent each month. I seek adventure, I seek substance that will fulfill my life. 

   Work shouldn’t be the main focus in my life. I have a strong work ethic, I love learning and advancing in career opportunities, but that shouldn’t be my main priority, yet that is all I seem to do. It’s just not as easy as it should be to enjoy my outside life, especially at 23 years old. I save my money, and when I’m stuck in my routine, that’s all I do. I shouldn’t be so stressed to pay for my next bill, I should be spending my money on what makes me happy. 

   My point is, don’t let yourself get too devoted on your work life. Remember that as important as it is to ensure your security and stability in life, we must do the things we want to do and not let money or routine get in the way. I don’t need to have thousands of dollars saved up to enjoy one week of vacation time. When you’re so focused in your job and saving every dollar, the value of our lives goes down. Money isn’t the key to happiness, yet that is the American Dream we all so badly wish to obtain. 

   When I get in this funk, I get so upset. I feel like my work is not paying off in what truly matters, me. It is times like this that I remind myself why I work so hard. It’s not to pay bills, it’s not to stay in my strict budget, it is so I can enjoy the life I have. I may not have a ton of money, but that shouldn’t be what my life revolves around. Go on a road trip, get out of town, see old friends and family. That is what really matters in life. Of course we need pay checks, and hours put in at our jobs, but remember that life is so much more than that. 


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