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Let nature be your teacher…

    How do I explain it? How do I explain slowly inhaling the overwhelming fresh scent of pine, and the sound of water flowing all around me? How do I explain the jolt of adrenaline that embodies me as I pull myself up and over a massive tree that is effortlessly covering the forest floor? There is truly something remarkable about stepping into an enchanting, green forest. 

     I finally discovered the simplest medication for my anxiety. Nature. When I am stuck in my routine of waking up, working, and managing everything in between, I often find myself getting sucked into some black hole that swallows me in. I tend to lose my sense of balance when my mind is stuck in over drive. We truly are not meant to revolve our lives around making ends meet, and chasing another dollar. I yearn for more than that.

   I am truly my happiest when I am in raw Mother Nature. No amount of money could ever pay for the feeling I get when I am surrounded by the scenic serenity of nature. It’s as if my anxiety dissolves, and all I have to think about is what rock I am going to step on next to avoid stepping into the river. I get goosebumps when I feel the slight mist of a waterfall, and when I reach the top of my destination on a seemingly never ending hike. 

   It’s feelings like this, and beauty like this that reminds me of what it’s like to be happy and in the right state of mind. Sometimes just escaping reality is what allows me to believe their is a method to life’s madness. Doing the things that make me happy in the realistic short life that will end in time. Life is so much more than bills to pay and society’s standards on the way to live. We are not put here forever, so we must learn to escape to the place that causes a never ending good feeling. For me, that is the great paradise of the outdoors. 

What makes you happy? What gives you goosebumps? Share. Comment. Like. Follow. 💚✌🏻️



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