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5 ways to get over a horrible customer

   The day has started, you’re having a great day at work, and it happens. An angry customer. Not just an angry customer, oh no. A customer that is frantically storming in like a tornado ready to ruin your day. You’re scared, you turn red while trying to avoid the spit that’s flying off the savage that is yelling at you because you won’t apply the coupon that states in bold print that it expired two weeks ago. Surviving an attack like this requires strength, patience, and a bit of laughter to get you through. Here are five tips to get over that horrible day ruining customer that we all know too well. 

1. Listen to them: That’s what they want. Look at them in the eye, nod your head (even if it’s absolutely ludicrous) and listen. It’s important to listen to them most of all, so you can remember the story in depth while you laugh about it over a beer with your friends. The more detail you get, the better. You want to be able to fully deliver the childish behavior to your co-workers or friends. 

2. Kill them with kindness: Nothing makes a person more mad when you’re the one being nice. It’s like they almost want to pick a fight with you, but you bite that lip and you smile. Give them above and beyond kindness, almost like your talking to a kid that fell down and hurt their leg. “Oh my I’m so sorry! Let me fix this for you, you poor thing!” It’s great, you’re doing your job, and they hate it. You can’t get in trouble for being nice! 

3. Picture them as a big baby: Seriously, just do it. It’s rather hilarious. Imagine a giant toddler stomping their feet because they didn’t get what they want. If they are being really bad, picture then in nothing but I diaper. It really adds to the childish rampage. 

4. Look upset: This one really only works if there are people in the store watching them make a fool of themselves. If they are yelling, pointing, and calling names, they will catch the attention of others. They will see this grown up throwing a fit, and see your sad face and feel sympathy for you. It’s even better when they make a funny comment about that jerk after they leave. 

5. Laugh it off: At the end of the day, no one is worth being upset over, especially if they are incredibly rude. Just thank yourself, your friends, and your family for not acting like that big angry baby that came in. When you laugh about it, it can really make a great story.  There is no better way to relieve stress than laughing about someone who has some temper tantrum issues. 

It’s not everyday you experience a person that is out of control, but it’s important to never allow these people take your happiness away because they are unhappy. ✌🏻️

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