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22 years old and on the path to wherever I choose to go..

    Everyday I log on to some form of social media and I stumble upon another friend with engagement photos, and posts of babies on the way. I come across people starting their lives, finding careers, and growing up. I can’t help but think to myself what the hell am I doing with my life? However, I think I am ok with that, and I am still learning everyday. 

   I find that some people are ready to settle down, start a family, and start their new journey to a new life. I wonder if maybe I studied a little harder in high school,  or found my passion to drive my career when I was in college, that I myself would be growing up like them too, but maybe that’s not where my life is supposed to be right now. I am 22 years young, and I have no plan to settle down just yet, in fact, I am still growing up. 

    We see these people discovering where they want to be in life, and tend to compare other’s with our own. But maybe, just maybe it’s totally ok to not be ready. This doesn’t mean I am not working hard, saving money, and want to grow up, I just haven’t found it yet and that’s ok. I have found that everyone has their own goals and what makes them happy, might not be what makes me happy. 

   As selfish as it may sound, I want to hold on to whatever remaining youth I can until I can’t push it any more. I want to travel, learn, and discover who I am before I decide to make any sort of major commitment. Comparing my way of life to someone else’s won’t get me anywhere. Perhaps this idea of discovering your life when you’re 18 years old isn’t right for everyone, and again, that’s ok. 

   In society I feel like we are so pressured to set our life goals when we are just kids, and something tells me that there are flaws in that way of thinking. I want to go to school and learn not go to school and get a degree in something and set my life up for something I might not want to do for the rest of my time on this earth. We are what we make ourselves, and I am not ready to define who I am from my career or growing up just yet. I’m still on a journey to find out where I belong and I am not going to put myself down for that. I am learning more about myself, and the way of life more now than ever.

   So for those of you that are on the path of what you wanted, congratulations. For those of you that are still unsure, don’t worry. We are not put on this earth to be unhappy, and if it takes some of us a little longer to figure out our future and our pursuit of happiness than so be it. I love not knowing. However, I love knowing that whatever I do choose will come to me when I am ready, and I am perfectly content with still growing up. 

If you are in the same boat, let me know what you still want to discover. Share, like, comment, follow 🙂



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