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5 things to remind yourself everyday

    Getting through the day can be quite the struggle sometimes. We forget that what time we have is limited, and it’s important to teach ourselves to be a good person, and enjoy the life we have. The little things are temporary fixes to our happiness. Here are 5 things to remind yourself everyday in order to be a better person, and live a happy life. 

  1.    Be optimistic: Sometimes we wake up and things just aren’t going our way. If we allow these things to take first priority then we allow ourselves to shut down. If you’re having a bad day, you can fix it. Don’t dread on what happened, but make light out of it. Turn your day around, and think of something happy. Remember that little things don’t need to ruin our days. If something negative happens, try your best to see the good in it. Perhaps your optimistic thoughts can help someone else as well! 

2.  Tell yourself you’re smart: This may seem like a weird one, but seriously, it helps. We are so quick to thinking we are dumb because we do something, or do poorly on a test or something at work. Don’t let those things determine your intelligence. So what if you didn’t do well on something, the only way to fix it is by learning from it. We learn everyday, and are capable of so many things, and if we tell ourselves we are smart it will allow us to motivate ourselves to learn more. 

 3.   Take chances: Don’t be afraid to do something because it is out of your comfort zone. If you are shy, try to do something bold. If you get nervous, face it head on. You don’t want to look back at your life and regret not taking chances on things you normally wouldn’t do. Go on an adventure, or meet someone new. Don’t miss out on those opportunities life throws at you. Don’t base your life on work, and stress. Let go, and discover other things that you may not know you enjoy. 
4.   Tell yourself you’re beautiful: This doesn’t even mean physically, but mentally too. When you feel good on the inside, you reflect that on the outside. Accept the things you cannot change, and learn to love who you are. When you love yourself, no one can take that away from you. Self love improves over all health and satisfaction. 

5.   Don’t worry about other people: If you worry about what other people think, you will find yourself never amounting to something. There are people out there that enjoy hurting other people, so forget them! As long as you are doing what you enjoy, then no one else will matter. We cannot live our lives trying to make others happy because in the end, we will feel like we haven’t accomplished anything. Explore your own mind, and make decisions based on you, not other people. Life is too short to care about someone not approving. 

   These little things can help tremendously. If you enjoyed please like, comment, share, and follow! 

What are things you like to tell yourself everyday? 🙂



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