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Keep your negative comments to yourself…

    We as humans are capable of preventing ludicrous things from coming out of our mouth, yet it blows my mind how people are capable of saying or doing such mean things. We can not justify judging someone negatively based on our own personal beliefs. Bottom line, if you don’t have something nice to say to someone, don’t say anything at all. 

   People are ridiculed on a daily basis for multiple different reasons. Whether it is the job they have, the color of their skin, or just simply the way people decide to live their lives, there is always some one that finds the need to judge. My question is, why do people let the way others live their lives bother them so much? 

    Does the amount of money someone makes define who they are? Does someone’s tattoos make them a bad person? Does the color of someone’s skin actually affect your day to day life? People are spreading so much hatred and judgement over things that should not bother them, and that is not ok. People think they can justify their rude behavior based on other people, but they do not realize that maybe they are the problem. 

  Something needs to change. We need to understand that basic human decency and compassion towards other people should be a natural thing. Be the better person. Don’t fill your life up with negativity because things are not what you like. We are human, and we need to treat people that way. Learn to love, and the next time a negative thought about someone else comes to your mind, really think about whether or not it’s really something to worry about. 

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