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Why nature is good for the soul

    Every day we wake up, go to work, school, and live our daily lives and often find ourselves stressed, unhappy, and just overwhelmed. We tend to forget about the simple things around us that can pull us away from the stress in our lives, adventures. Whether you are surrounded by mountains, or tropical beaches, it is important to understand that going out in nature is healing for the soul. 

   It gets you away from chaos: cities and highly populated areas tend to be a bit chaotic. When you allow yourself time to escape reality, you will feel happier. Go somewhere secluded and allow the serenity of the worlds natural beauty relieve your stress. 

   It gets you moving: Being a member of a gym is great, but it’s important to explore the other ways to move outside. Go on a hike! It gets your heart rate going and the motivation to finish a 10 mile hike is the ultimate reward. 

   It is peaceful: sometimes we just need to get away, and go somewhere secluded. We tend to get too wrapped around our busy schedules that we don’t give ourselves a moment to enjoy peace and quiet. Nature is beautiful, and makes us feel good. Remind yourself that we are so much more than working bodies. 

   It creates memories: Get out with friends, and explore! Take pictures of somewhere new. If we look back at our lives, our most memorable moments are not going to be our daily routines. It’s floating a river, or going on adventures to new places. Do something out of your comfort zone, and create something out of what’s around us. 

   It is beautiful: simple as that. There’s something about raw natural beauty that gives us a better outlook on life. You see the world in the way it was created. Breathe in the fresh air, and escape the artificial things in life. 

   Whether you are stressed, bored, or just want something new to experience, nature is going to help you. Remember that life is so much more than a daily routine, so do something outside! It makes you feel good, and it gets you in tuned with a happy mind. 

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