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“Adulting” stress? What to do?! Here’s help

   It’s something we all go through at some point in our lives, that we really just don’t like doing…. Growing up… Adulting. Managing work, payments, and other stressful things in our life, can sometimes feel like we are a tad too overwhelmed… Here are a few tips on managing your high stress levels of “adulting”.

   Manage your money, and budget. When you grow up, it’s hard to let go of the little life pleasures that we all buy on a daily basis. However, set yourself limits, and don’t spend your money on the little things you don’t need. From time to time it’s ok to “treat yourself” but you want to remember it’s always good to save. 

   Relax. This is HUGE. If you run yourself to the ground, you are going to cause anxiety. Take a break, and chill out. Drink tea, read a book, go out with friends. Do the things you enjoy doing in order to forget about all the stress in your life. 

   Don’t make work and adulting your life. Remember, life isn’t supposed to only be about paying your bills, and working everyday. Your supposed to go out and adventure. Take advantage of your days off, and explore. Even if it’s something small, you need to do something that gives you more meaning. 

   Surround yourself with good people. Don’t forget your friends are going through it too, and going out and having fun can be a huge stress reliever! Next time you are asked to go out, do it! Don’t pass up an opportunity for the good things in life. 

   Take a breather, adulting is hard. One day your playing outside as a kid, the next your struggling to pay your next bill. Remember that growing up is a good thing, and don’t let the stress bring you down. 

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