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We are NOT our jobs, so stop judging people on what they do

   I cannot help but get a little irritated when I hear people bashing other people for their form of work. People are so quick to judge another person because of the amount of money they make, or their “dead end job”. People are looked down upon for not making enough money, and are grouped as “lazy” “uneducated”. Enough is enough. There are lazy people in every job profession whether you’re “flipping burgers” or you’re making six figures. Being lazy or a bad person has nothing to do with the job, so stop underestimating the people who are not making as much. 

   If we identify as our job, we would would all be walking, empty bodies. At the end of the day we are all working for the same thing. We need the money to support ourselves, get through life, and enjoy things. So if we are all working towards a similar outcome, then why are we judging people for working retail or food? Not everyone makes six figures, but they are still people, so treat them like it! 

   Why does working fast food or retail have to be a bad thing? Why do people get mad when they want more money? Think about it, if you were working fast food because that was the only form of income you had at the moment to support a family, wouldn’t you want to have a decently sustainable income to at least provide food? It blows my mind when people say “you’re working fast food and you want to make more money? Ha! Get a better job and go to school” uh, maybe they can’t? Maybe they are trying. Bottom line is, they have a job. They are working. They are doing the best they can, so stop being so rude to people who don’t have the luxury of a high paying job.  

   It is 2015, and it is really hard to begin your life, especially if you were not lucky enough to have had help, or been provided for. Some people need to work through their school, some people needed a job and didn’t care what it was, because money is money, and they are doing what they can. 

   Don’t judge someone for their job. Don’t judge someone for not making enough money. We are so much more than our jobs, so stop treating other people poorly due to their workplace. Your job does not define you. Your choices you make to be a decent human being do.
If you enjoyed this, thank you and please share with friends! If you work fast food or retail you are still human, and keep on being you! 


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