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Raise awareness for mental disorders. 

    Did you know that most people with eating disorders are not even under weight? Did you know that anxiety interfere’s with people’s every day lives? Depression, anxiety, and eating disorders are extremely common mental illness’ yet they are so ignored.

    These are things that are so common that someone in your life probably suffers with one, and does not even know it. There are so many common misconceptions. One of those major misconceptions is eating disorders. Just because someone suffers a terrible relationship with food, doesn’t mean they are “anorexic” in fact, most aren’t. The sad reality is that those that have eating disorders and are not underweight, tend to be the ones who go without getting any help. 

   The lack of awareness in these disorders is astounding. People’s lives are constantly consumed all by something that could be helped. We need to be aware of the people in our lives that seem like they are going through something. Offer a helping hand, and encourage them. 

   Understand that just because you cannot see it on the outside doesn’t mean they are not suffering on the inside. Speak out, don’t be afraid of what you’re going through. Don’t let the power of these disorders define you. Happiness is out there, if we all help one another find it. 

If you find this helpful, encouraging, or interesting, like and share! Sometimes just letting people know about them can help someone who needs it. ☺️




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