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Simple ways to help someone with anxiety

   Anxiety is something that everyone gets whether it is before a test, or before traveling… However, some people suffer chronic anxiety which tends to get in the way of every day life, whether it’s small or big. Dealing with people that have anxiety can be a bit of a pain (sorry, we really don’t mean to be like that) however there are certain things us anxiety sufferers would like you to know about certain ways to handle one of our attacks.

   Don’t get frustrated! We know that we can be annoying, and honestly we don’t realize sometimes before it’s too late. If we are having a panic attack, or close to one, help us recognize it rather then nagging it. “Why are you freaking out” is only going to make us freak out. Instead, just open up, talk it out, and help us rationalize our thoughts.

   Make us laugh. They always say “laughter is the best medicine” and I couldn’t agree more. When you help us see that things aren’t as big as we make it out to be and lighten the mood, it really helps us realize that we are over-complicating things, and let it make us giggle. Once we get out of the mindset, we tend to realize how we can over react to small things. 

   Notice the symptoms before it gets worse. Get to know the person who has troubles with anxiety, and talk to them about it. If you are able to connect, and understand what tends to set them off, you can help prevent it from getting worse. Play calming music, and distract them with a story about something. Chances are, if you are able to get us to stop thinking about it, it won’t turn into a mess. 

   Anxiety is an annoying mind game that some people (like myself) allow to effect us negatively. If you know someone with it, lend a helping hand. Be a friend, and try to help us through it no matter how small the issue. 



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