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Don’t be the angry customer… A salute to retail workers everywhere

As a retail worker, I have a job that requires sales and the ability to connect with customers. Smile is on, caffeine ignites, I say “hello”and……. Nothing. Not a damn thing. So I ignore their inability to smile and wave, and ask them about their day. Nothing. Ok, that’s fine, I have had people who don’t want to talk, or ask for help, so I will give them their space. I am not upset, I’m not offended. (Even though maybe a sliver of “oh hi, person I acknowledge you’re existence on this earth” would be nice at times) but I will live. However, the amount of customers that blatantly refuse to believe that we are real people and don’t have some sort of life (or brain) outside of work, kind of bothers me. Here me out.
The holidays are stressful, and I fully understand that. It’s stressful for everyone. The families finding time to shop, the people who need to budget, and the retail workers struggling to consume enough caffeine to keep up with the overflowing customers, and long days.

What I don’t understand is the rudeness that can occur at this time of year. We are all facing similar struggles, but taking it out on others is not cool. If we don’t have what you want, check back. Chances are there are hundreds of people wanting the same thing. If we are taking a little longer at the counter ringing our huge line up, be patient. It’s Christmas, we are busy. Really, really busy. Making a huge mess, not cool, it takes a long time to fix everything and we have other things that we need to do on top of that.  Yelling at us doesn’t solve anything. Storming out and throwing a temper tantrum, doesn’t solve things. All we ask, is for a little sympathy, and perhaps a little joy during the holiday season.

All I am trying to say here, is be nice. Most of us are doing our best to ensure you have the best holiday you can, and we just kind of wish for the same thing in return. For those of you who are understanding, we thank you. Truly, thank you. But next time you’re out shopping and are frustrated, please don’t take it out on the fellow sales associate. We will humbly smile, ring you out, and carry on with our day. We are all people, and we want to get through the holidays just as bad everyone else.


retail employees everywhere


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