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Why it’s important to smile

    Smiling is something we all have in common. We do it when we see something funny, or when you land a new job, or even just by seeing someone you enjoy. But, why is smiling such an important thing for us to do? 

   It is contagious: it is a natural reflex to respond to a smile with a smile. They make you feel welcomed, and comforted. Next time you get you coffee, or pass by a stranger on a walk, smile. It could make someone’s day! The world needs more positivity, spread it! 

   Leads to a happy mindset: If you allow negativity to invade your thoughts, chances are people can notice. If you find a reason to smile even in the little things, it can make it easier to have happier thoughts. You feel better about yourself, and your positive vibes makes you a better person. 

   It feels good: When you hear something funny, you smile. You laugh. You feel good. It’s so easy for us to forget how good it feels to be happy. To smile. To live. 

   Do yourself a favor, and smile more. You won’t regret it. 


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